Moving to CANADA 
  is once in a lifetime  
  adventure. Allow 
  a professional to take care 
  of the procedure, so you 
  can fully enjoy your 
  new start.   

Why Canada?

  • Work & settle in canada with permanent residency.

  • Relocate in less than 14 months.

  • claim for citizenship within 4yrs.​

  • Free Education for your child.

  • Free Health system.

  • Fresh air & Better Lifestyle.

What is Express Entry?

Canada's Express Entry system is the fastest way to migrate to Canada, leading all the way to Permanent Residency. All you need is one year of work experience to be eligible.


Inspite of the pandemic, Canada is targeting 1.2 million to immigrants by 2023. This is your chance to apply and start a new life in Canada.

Supplying services for:

> Express Entry Program

> PNP Program


> IELTS Coaching



Benefits of applying for a canada PR

  • Inviting 4Lakh Applicants for 2020-21

  • Flexible Immigration rules

  • The most popular Permanent Residency program in the world.


Benefits of Signing up with us

  • Save your time and efforts.

  • Step by Step guidance.

  • Process Transparency.

  • Time frame adherence.

  • Refund policy.

  • Free expert evaluation.

  • You have most of the same rights and obligations as Canadian citizens.

  • This is a lifetime visa - you must accumulate 2 years of residency days in each 5 year period).

  • You can apply for a Canadian citizenship after 3 years and continue holding your Indian citizenship.